Antonio Citterio

1950年,安东尼奥·西特里奥出生在意大利的梅达市。他于1972年开办了自己的工作室,并于1975年在米兰理工大学完成了建筑学学位。在1987年至1996年期间,他与Terry Dawn合作设计了欧洲和日本的许多建筑。2000年,Citterio和Patricia Viel组成了一个多学科的建筑、室内设计和图形办公室。该办事处在国际上运作,与专业顾问的合格网络协同发展复杂的长期项目。这种做法现在被称为“安东尼奥·西特里奥·帕特里夏·维尔”(Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel)。

Antonio Citterio was born in the Italian city of Meda in 1950. He opened his own studio in 1972 and completed his degree in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1975. Between 1987 and 1996, he collaborated with Terry Dawn to design many buildings across Europe and Japan. In 2000, Citterio and Patricia Viel formed a multidisciplinary office for architecture, interior design and graphics. The office operates internationally, developing complex long-term projects in synergy with a qualified network of specialist consultants. The practice is now called 'Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel'.